5 Tips to Make Tutoring Affordable

Access to tutoring is one of the greatest resources that can contribute to your child’s success in academics and other life skills. A lot of children succeed with the help of a tutor in particular subjects they have difficulty with. Whether it is academic or extra-curricular, tutors should be highly skilled, patient, and must know how to engage your child.

Having a tutor, however, may incur some expenses that might be larger than expected. Some parents end up teaching their children themselves or children in turn get pressured with less than satisfactory results. Thankfully, there are ways to make a tutoring program more affordable for your family. In this post, we will be talking about 5 tips to make tutoring affordable.

1. Know which subjects your child has difficulty with

It is important to know what specific subject your child is struggling with. You may want to find a specialized tutor or a tutor who is an expert on the subject, for you to save time and maximize results. Getting a general low-skilled tutor may result to your child learning less in a longer period of time.

At Groza Learning Center, there are different areas of expertise to choose from. Whether it is reading, test preparation, or schooling program. What is good about this learning center is that they offer flexible and highly customized program that is best fit for your child.

2. Inquire about packages or special discounts

A lot of learning centers offer special packages or discounts which may be applicable to you. Before jumping into a tutoring service blindly, it may be good to ask several questions about the rates, and explain to them your needs, your preferred schedule and other pertinent information for you to get the best value.

3. Encourage your child to prepare for the tutoring lessons

In any tutoring session, a specific topic will be covered. In order to get the maximum benefit and to avoid being ‘stuck’ on a difficult lesson, encourage your child to prepare before his or her tutoring session.

This include as far as reading the topic to be covered, or as simple as scanning the lessons beforehand. This will reduce the learning curve and will allow your child to grasp the lesson faster, needing lesser repetition of a subject for every tutoring session.

4. Look for local tutors

Whether you are going in a center or looking for a private tutor, most of the time, the local tutors will be charging less for each session. For example, if you live in pacific palisades, you might want to look for a pacific palisades tutor rather than someone who lives in a different neighborhood or even city. Some tutors will be charging for travel costs, or if you plan to go to a faraway center, it will also cost you more time and transportation expenses.

5. Communicate concerns to your child’s tutor

If there is a specific skill you want to target, don’t hesitate to tell your child’s tutor. It is important as an educator to know what are the specific goals that you want your child to achieve. After all, you know them best. Also, it works vice versa, as it would be helpful to ask the tutor some suggestions on how to practice your child’s lessons at home. This way, you will meet your goals at a faster pace, and there is lesser room for miscommunications or dissatisfactions with the service.

Tutoring is a decision that may be a factor to help your child succeed academically. These individuals can help supplement the learning that your child may need in order to meet the goals of his or her school. Make sure to do your research, ask questions about the tutors and the center, and prepare yourself and your child for the possible new routine.

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