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December 8th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

There has been a fair amount of discussion regarding the actual value of working with a financial adviser, with some reports actually contending that the benefits of professional assistance are marginal at best and it is therefore not worth the ongoing costs associated with professional financial planning. While there are certainly individuals who possess the expertise to develop a long-term investment plan that is on a par with what a financial adviser would recommend, that does not mean that such a strategy is always best. As with most issues, the truth is far more nuanced and requires a great deal of analysis that factors in the individual circumstances that apply to each situation.

As someone who is known for espousing a nuanced approach that accounts for all the unique issues that apply to an individual situation or circumstance, Murziline Parchment believes that there are certainly many advantages and disadvantages to account for when making a decision on working with a financial adviser. This position further underscores the importance of understanding what those advantages and disadvantages are and how they may influence a final decision. Individuals should therefore take the time to determine whether or not their individual circumstances make working with a financial adviser more likely to have a positive outcome.

Is Professional Advice Really Worthwhile?

There is one thing that is simply indisputable when it comes to utilizing the professional assistance of a financial adviser, which is the fact that a professional is going to be far more aware of the frequently changing issues that can have a significant impact on the potential return of a specific investment strategy. Murziline Parchment has pointed out that evolving regulations both at home and abroad can profoundly influence a particular strategy in ways that are quite difficult to predict, so a lack of awareness of these frequent changes can be quite devastating for those who are uninitiated in the world of finance.

While there is certainly a cost associated with seeking professional investment advice, the benefits of working with a single adviser over a long-term basis can be tremendous. When working with a financial adviser to develop a long-term strategy that accounts for personal goals regarding retirement while considering current earnings, savings and debt obligations, a professional is far more likely to be able to provide insight regarding all of the different options available to reach those goals. Over time, a long-term professional relationship with a financial adviser is likely to ensure that those goals are achieved and that the long-term financial strategy is adhered to through the additional accountability that comes with the assistance of an objective professional.

What Is Necessary to Develop an Investment Strategy Without Professional Assistance?

Professional assistance is beneficial in the overwhelming majority of circumstances, yet there are still those who can forgo outside help and still achieve exceptional results through an investment strategy of their own design. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to posses a deep understanding of national and international marketplaces and how subtle changes in any of those markets can have a ripple effect that influences the efficacy of a specific strategy. It is also necessary that these individuals are willing to consistently study changes made by governments in order to ensure that policy changes do not affect the success of a long-term strategy that has already been implemented.

Ultimately, the decision to work with a financial adviser is one that should always be made on a case-by-case basis. There is certainly a large portion of the population that stands to benefit from such assistance, but there are also plenty of individuals who can eschew this assistance and still devise an excellent investment strategy. Developing a deep understanding of the various influencing factors is therefore essential for anyone who wishes to use an investment strategy in order to establish financial security that extends well into the future.

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October 29th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years as far back as 2012 and possible further, about physical money sort of just, “going out of style,” and what will replace it. The way things are shaping up, it seems debit cards and credit cards may possibly be the new currency we all use. Since credit is already a global thing, the thought, or the idea, is to do away with physical money all together and just use what the rest of the world is using already. In other words, credit will be our one world currency.

The truth of the matter is, cold hard cash is falling out of style and out of pockets of shoppers which is making it less favorable. The Payments Council has data that suggests more of us pay with our debit cards anyway as well as with credit cards or even automated payments in these times.

Is this a big deal? There are some bright sides with getting rid of hard and physical money such as less crime and lower costs for retailers, but remember that with new convenience also means new problems.

No physical cash would mean people are even more at the mercy of central banks trying to control the economy. The fight for physical money must take place or else Interest rates could go negative leaving your savings shrinking as we have seen in Sweden’s case.

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October 8th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Small business owners put a great deal of time and money into ensuring their company thrives for many years to come, yet many of these same owners take personal investment risks that can threaten the long-term health of their business. Even though a personal investment is separate from a small business expense, a sizable investment mistake can still have an impact on the quality of the products or services offered by the company. This is especially the case when the owner is heavily involved in day-to-day operations, but it can also have a serious effect on a business with an owner who has delegated most of the management responsibilities.

Sensible investing strategies that minimize risk are the best option for small business owners, and the Ian Leaf Corporation seems to support this course of action as well. When a small business is doing well, the owner may find that they are presented with opportunities to invest in projects that may not necessarily be in their field of expertise. While some of these opportunities may work out exceptionally well for an investor, the risk of financial loss is often too high and can have a significant effect on the viability of the business.

When a small business owner experiences a financial loss due to a poor investment strategy, it is often the case that the owner will try to make up for that loss through profits earned by the business. This can lead to the owner cutting corners that degrade the quality of the products or services the company provides, which in turn affects the level of consumer loyalty the company likely worked hard to cultivate. The owner may be forced to work longer hours or cut staff members, which can lead to burnout and can have a devastating effect on the company’s reputation.

Instead of taking big risks with an investment in the hope of generating a big return, small business owners should recognize that a sensible long-term strategy is best. This will ensure that the owner can continue to reinvest in their business so it continues to grow and remains profitable over many years while still generating a return on investment that is more than enough to last through retirement. It is simply too risky to put the health of a company on the line in exchange for a small chance at generating a big and immediate return on investment.

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June 18th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (146) imagesKKKN8I8QIf you are having money problems how can you learn to finance your life?  It seems that everyone around you has their financial life headed in the right direction but your finances are a mess.  I guess the first step is to admit you have a problem and the next is to be ready to accept help.  You can lead the horse to water…  Well, some people cant seem to take advise much less implement it in their lives.  Until you get a grasp on the real problem you will never get your financial life in order.  Dana Sibilsky has a method and plan but cant seem to execute them.

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May 22nd, 2015 by Joe Olujic

When we sell our home we are all interested in the all cash buyer.  The question is how much of a discount is an all cash deal any way?  Can you save thousands or is it just time that is saved.  The all cash buyer can call the shots on most deals.  If you are the seller and an all cash offer comes you want to pay attention.images32Q2SKTR images931MORSI images60TL92MY This will be a fast deal and could be the way to go.  If they come in with asking price you are home free.  Hopefully they don’t have requirements that you cant meet.  Dove Medical Press is a good place to look for buyers.

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May 20th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (183) untitled (182)When is it a good idea to take a personal loan from family.  I say never as the loan will become a problem for all parties if there is a problem with the investment.  It is better to work with a bank .  If a bank is not possible I would look to family as a last resort.  Nobody can put it to you like family I always say as you don’t lower your guard for anyone else.  This is true in most cases.  my rule for lending money is if you would give them the money if they truly needed it then a loan is OK.  Dove Medical Press would concur.

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May 17th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Need money from your home.  Is a reverse mortgage something that will work for you?  It depends on you situation in life.  If you own your home and have little else to live on a reverse mortgage may be for you.  Basically you will receive a check from the lender monthlyuntitled (78) untitled (77) that will help you live.  The home is yours for as long as you live.  Upon your death the home goes to the lender or at least that portion that has been paid for.  Tim DeCapua has a reverse mortgage and can speak to the pros and cons. He thinks that this is the way to go for him but each person needs to do their home work.

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May 17th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (67) untitled (66)Getting that loan for home improvement can be a challenge.  If you have a need that requires a loan you will have to get an appraisal of the home to assure the lender that the loan is justified.  If you are upside down on the value of your home a home improvement loan will not happen.  You will have to seek a different kind of loan.  A personal loan will cost you and the interest will be higher.  If your income is high enough you can get a personal load.  The real question is do you really want to spend money on a home that is undervalued.  Jody Rookstool need to hunt for another option.

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May 10th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (18)When you take the step to buy a home it changes things.  A 30 year obligation is not something that most people take lightly.  A home is a big step in growing up that says something about you and How you manage money.  A home is the single largest investment you will make in your life so make sure to get it right.  Never buy a home with plans to leave.  When you go into a home that is not perfect you are doomed to be disappointed.  Being indebt on a 30 year mortgage can be a blessing or a burden.  Joe Olujic is unhappy with his home choice and he will be in trouble soon.

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May 8th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

There are many who view money management and investing as though it is simply too hard to ever completely understand or not even worth the time it takes to gain an understanding. Both of these statements are not even remotely true, as the application of sound financial strategies certainly does not require a keen understanding of the most recent developments regarding British politics as it relates to financial reform. All that is necessary is a small bit of research and an interest in optimizing the returns on your income.

While investment strategies are always changing, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can help you ensure that the money you earn today can ultimately help you have enough money saved up for retirement. If you are not all that familiar with developing a personalized investment strategy, there is certainly nothing wrong with enlisting the assistance of a professional or finding someone who is otherwise knowledgeable in finance.

You do not have to have be the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to understand that this country offers its citizens a great deal of wonderful opportunities, and one of the most obvious is the ability to adopt sound investment strategies that lead to the accumulation of long-term wealth.

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