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April 28th, 2017 by Joe Olujic

Settling debt and living free of the frustrations that come with facing creditors is a dream many would love to see actualized. However, the process required to facilitate a successful settlement plan is difficult for anyone to handle seamlessly. Many people use debt settlement companies like Nationwide Debt Direct to facilitate this process. This is not to mean you cannot successfully settle your debts. What this means is that the technicalities involved can best be handled by professionals who have experience and the power to face creditors.

There are many cases of people who successfully settled their own debt without necessarily involving settlement companies. They used simple techniques that anyone interested in a quick and easy method of settlement can try. Below are some of the strategies experts recommend for those who want to settle debt.

Enhance your earnings

If you want to clear credit card debt, you need to get something to supplement what you make. A new small business or job could come in handy as it helps to raise what you will be making each month. With an added income, you can commit more of this money into settling debt. In so doing, you will have reduced the period you will need to clear the debt.

Remove emotions from the process

One of the things that can weaken you while handling debt is succumbing to emotions. Debts attract many people who don’t care about your emotions and if you have to deal with debt collectors, they will be more concerned about collecting the money than whether you have anything to offer. This can be harrowing emotionally and to overcome the challenge you have to be strong. Don’t give in to fear or anger because it will only make the process more challenging to pursue.

Hire a debt settlement company

Working with experts allows you to come up with a unique plan that is convenient. One of the benefits that come with debt settlement companies is that they are experienced and can draft impressive debt settlement plans that even the creditor will approve. Additionally, they are good at negotiating repayment plans, which is a process that sometimes seems unachievable for someone looking to settle debt alone. Debt settlement companies help you to focus on other things as the most difficult part of the settlement process is taken care of by experts.

Credit score counseling

Look for a professional who is experienced in debt settlement so you can learn how to come up with an efficient plan. A good expert will help you draft a plan you can present to creditors and might negotiate on your behalf for the desired rate to create a onetime lump sum that can clear your debt. Also try debt consolidation, which gives you a financial aid and probably the most appropriate solution. Consolidating your debt means relocating your loans from different creditors to one creditor, and this gives you an overview of what you are supposed to clear, so you will easily come up with a settlement plan.

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May 11th, 2016 by Joe Olujic

Luigi Wewege Reviews Potential Business Benefits Stemming From Australian Treasury Budget – Brandon Colker’s Reviews: Luigi Wewege believes that the newly released budget from Australia’s treasurer Scott Morrison holds a great deal of promise for the startups that will surely be at the forefront of innovation for the next few decades. – by Brandon Colker – Tags: australian treasury, brandon colker,, luigi wewege, scott morrison, treasury –

Luigi Wewege Reviews Business Practices of Australian Sports Companies – Australia Review Club: Recognizing the potential shift in the business of sport in Australia due to the recent arrival of Decathlon, Luigi Wewege took a few moments to look over the practices being employed by the companies most likely to be affected by the introduction of a new competitor into the sporting goods and appa – by submitreview – Tags: 2k, australian sports,, luigi wewege –

Texas Values and the Impact on Leadership Skill Development – Harlingen Texas Activities: There are very few states that can claim the clearly defined identity Texas so obviously and proudly possesses, and many of the values that make up the Lone Star State’s identity quite clearly benefit the development of leadership in all its facets. – by Brandon Colker – Tags: leadership, luigi wewege, texas –

Can Luigi Wewege MMA Training Improve Executive Leadership Skills?: There are countless reasons to take up mixed martial arts training, and it is plainly evident that many business executives are beginning to see the value of MMA in terms of its positive impact on leadership development. – Tags: leadership, luigi wewege, mma –

Fiverr Opens Door for Greater Levels of Business Collaboration: There are few circumstances in which collaboration does not yield a substantial benefit, so professionals in any industry are right to seek any strategy that will result in greater opportunities for collaboration with both industry peers and individuals from completely unrelated fields. – Tags: business, ceo, collaboration, doug pitassi, executive, fiverr, fiverr gig, luigi wewege, musician, professional –

How to Seamlessly Incorporate Music in a Traditional Office Setting: There have been a number of studies demonstrating how the appropriate use of music can have a positive influence on productivity within an office setting. – by Arthur Falcone – Tags: arthur falcone, italian musician, italy, luigi wewege, music –

Luigi Wewege On the Importance of Employee Empowerment: The impact of quality business leadership is well documented, but one of the most important aspects of leadership is a clear willingness to effectively empower employees. – by DouglasPitassi – Tags: douglas pitassi,, employee empowerment, leadership, luigi wewege, skills –

David R. Gray Jr.: David Gray, Jr., an attorney and a real estate investor in Chicago. I focus my law practice on tax collection and enforcement litigation, civil litigation and real estate matters. Much of my practice relates to servicing investments made at county tax sales in Illinois. – Tags: boldleads, chicago, county tax sale, david gray jr, david r. gray jr., luigi wewege, real estate, reviews, tax lien –

10 Workplace Trends That Will Change the Way You Manage: From the rise of the sharing economy to the flexibility of remote work new technology provides, the workplace landscape as we know it is evolving faster than it ever has before. Some changes are subtle and others are great, but all will impact the way you hire, fire and manage in the years to come. – Tags: inc, luigi wewege, trends –

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May 11th, 2016 by Joe Olujic

Michael John Mally Announces New Publication Revealing Artistic Influences: Michael John Mally has always maintained that his sole identity, whether personal or professional, is as an artist and nothing else, but this all-encompassing point of view was not developed without the influence of other artists. – by howtogetpregnant – Tags: art, michael john mally –

Michael J. Mally Self Portrait Review: Overall I love the composition and angle of the picture. Mally has done a wonderful job photographing himself. Michael J. Mally who also goes by Michael John Mally has recently released a self portrait of himself. Ian Leaf digs in with a quick review. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: art, artist, ian leaf, interview, michael j mally, michael john mally, michael mally, san diego –

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May 11th, 2016 by Joe Olujic

Luigi Wewege Offers Perspective on Latest Australian Entrepreneurial Endeavors – Marlon Shae Kobacker: Australian entrepreneurs are among some of the very most creative professionals, which is why many of the most interesting and innovative products and services to be recently released have originated out of an Australian entrepreneurial endeavor. – by Marlon Shae Kobacker – Tags: australia, entrepreneur, luigi wewege, marlon kobacker, marlon shae kobacker –

Marlon Kobacker’s Alma Mater Develops Flexible Solar Cells – Ian Andrews Reviews: A researcher at the University of New South Wales is on the cutting edge of developing solar technology. Dr. Xiaojing Hao’s research team has created a solar cell that is thin enough to be deployed in zero energy buildings. – Tags: dr. hao, marlon kobacker, new south wales, solar cell, university, xiaojing hao –

Green Energy Marlon Kobacker Explains Healing Concrete Benefits: Concrete is a very important construction material used for roads, bridges and buildings just like how the business card is a key building component to building your business. One of the primary weaknesses of concrete is that its rigidity may lead to cracks. – by Brandon – Tags: construction, green energy, healing concrete, marlon kobacker –

Marlon Kobacker Notes United States Fracking Trial: An important Pennsylvania, United States fracking trial has opened the door for victims to receive financial compensation from health problems due to this dangerous practice. Finally, the world is close to punishing energy firms over dangerous fracking techniques. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: ian leaf, ianleaf,, marlon kobacker, marlonkobacker –

Marlon Kobacker’s View on New Method for Utilizing Nitrogen – Ian Leaf Tax: Nitrogen is essential to all living things, which has led to difficulties as the world’s population continues to increase. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: ian leaf tax, ianleaf,, marlon kobacker, nitrogen –

Marlon Kobacker Promotes Nature-Friendly Material Usage: Leonardo da Vinci developed his blueprints for a man-made flying contraption by observing birds. Airplane wings are designed according to the physical shape of bird’s wings. Mother Nature has a lot to teach man and Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker explains why. – by ThreeDollarClick – Tags: ban, fracking, marlon kobacker, nature –

Does Marlon Kobacker Think Australian Manganese Mining Is Sustainable? – Business: Behind China, Australia is the second-largest manganese producer, generating $1 billion annually, according to Geoscience Australia. In 1803, manganese was discovered in Australia; unfortunately, doctors are concerned over the metal’s impact on health. – by Akismet – Tags: australia, manganese, marlon kobacker –

Marlon Kobacker Discusses Global Fracking Bans: All around the world, the people are standing up to the dangerous practice of fracking. The World Wide Web and Sustainability Professionals, such as Marlon Kobacker, are educating the public. Learn about the progress, the masses are making in defeating the earth-hostile fracking technique. – by Halden Zimmermann – Tags: fracking, halden zimmermann, marlon kobacker –

Marlon Kobacker Understands Rare Earth Metals Sustainability – Tammy Hecrow: As the East starts to industrialize, there have been more concerns over the sustainability of the rare earth metals. China is the largest producer of rare earth metals, accounting for 90% of the productivity; Australia also has some. Learn why 40% of all rare earths are traded illegally. – by TammyHecrow – Tags: marlon kobacker, rare earth materials –

Marlon Kobacker Improves Australian Eco-Friendly Rank – Ian Leaf Reviews: Yale University has created the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) to measure how nations are dealing with important eco-friendly concerns for Mother Earth: air, health, water, climate and energy, to name a few. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: australia, australian, ian leaf reviews,, marlon kobacker –

Fracking Documentary Proves Marlon Kobacker Point – Kion Kashefi: Slowly the word is getting out that the fracking process is dangerous. In fact the fracking documentary “GasLand” received an Oscar nomination. Green Energy Expert Marlon Kobacker knows that sustainable energy production is the wave of the future. – by Kion Kashefi – Tags: documentary, fracking, marlon kobacker –

Marlon Kobacker View of Nissan Recall of 3.5 Million Autos: Nissan Motor Co Ltd plans to recall approximately 3.5 million vehicles in the U.S. and across the world citing seat sensor malfunctions and faulty airbags. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: airbag, marlon kobacker, nissan, recall, seat belt –

Welcome to sustainable Asia: Marlon Kobacker: In connection with the great challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with existing buildings, optimising the control and efficiency of HVAC systems in these buildings will have one of the biggest impacts. – Tags: asia, grundfos, kobacker, marlon, marlon kobacker, sustainable asia –

Marlon Kobacker on the Potential Long-Term Environmental Consequences of Fracking – Marlon Kobacker, Green Advisory, Sustainability Professional: While countries all over the globe have been working diligently to act in a more responsible manner when it comes to energy production and carbon emissions, there are still many barriers in place effectively preventing or delaying the necessary switch to sustainable sources of energy. – by Marlon Kobacker – Tags: fracking, marlon kobacker,, sustainability, sustainable –

Marlon Kobacker Reviews New Developments in Photovoltaic Cells – Go Australia Reviews!: MIT researchers have successfully created solar cells so thin and so light that the cells could rest atop a soap bubble without disturbing the bubble in any significant way. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: australia, marlon kobacker, pv cells, solar panels –

Marlon Kobacker: Sustainability in the Air Travel Industry: There are many things the so-called developed world takes for granted, especially when it comes to the manner in which long distances are travelled for the purpose of recreation. – by Michele Frazier – Tags: marlon kobacker, michele frazier –

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April 9th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Some of the best way to make money is to help someone else make money. The best money can be made and the highest success can be achieved when you are serving someone else. Another way to look at it is you can help accomplish your dreams when you serve someone else to accomplish theirs.

According to Doug Pitassi during his most recent interview, that’s pretty much what is going on here. Doug’s company supplies companies with products that are designed to improve office workflow and productivity for any and all companies regardless of how big or small the company is.  

In a nutshell, Pitassi’s company makes sure his clients, which are other companies, are well taken care off and have what they need to succeed in this fast-pace business world. Pretty cool, eh? They supply companies with not only products to keep their work environment running smoothly, but also information, advice and solid solutions to all office issues.


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