How A qTest From QASymphony Supports The Development Of Your Business

Managing a business in the competitive business world to achieve its goals is an uphill task that every entrepreneur has to face. The growth of technology has availed new and more reliable tools that businesses can use to enhance their performance. One of the many tools available in the market for businesses to scale up performance is qTest management software. The software offers a reliable system that is easy to integrate with the working environment of the business that helps to monitor performance and implement changes. QASymphony is among few companies that offer qTest management software that allows businesses to enjoy various benefits as highlighted below.

Easy centralization and organization

You can seamlessly create and integrate the qTest management system with the marketing function of the business to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Through centralization, you can store manual and well-presented test cases that can help in the future when restructuring functions to prepare for growth.

Using the qTest management software, you can also easily import test cases from different management tools including Excel, so handling data is simplified and getting results of optimization is a process that takes little time and resources. Most importantly, qTest management allows you to develop multiple versions of data for easy reuse and sharing test case repositories across projects is enabled through harmonized access.

Employ JIRA automation

Case management using qTest is designed to facilitate seamless integration with the different tools you already have. With the qTest manager, you are offered an easy-to-use platform for testing data and offering solutions that can be connected with JIRA in real-time. A qTest from QASymphony also avails APIs that can be integrated between more than 30 tools, which further widens the scope of management that you can employ to boost your business.

Track and manage executions

If you are working with teams, you should also consider getting qTest management software, which offers your teams flexible options for organizing their tests to enhance the power of reporting. This ensures easy results tracking across different projects. While tracking executions, you can re-use suites and kick off automation tests to capture a comprehensive execution history. Additionally, with this method, you can generate run specific configurations that are more effective. All reporting is real-time, so you will at no point lose data or miss updates that are vital to implementing changes that can boost the growth of the business.

Enhance project customization

Every project comes with technicalities and the lack of customization preferences slows down progress, which is something you don’t want to encounter while handling qTest management. With QASymphony, you are allowed to customize your project through the creation of custom fields and adjusting system values. You can also clone your projects and come up with a more definitive setup that is designed to avail more control over your business as a whole. Most importantly, using qTest management makes it easier to manage user profiles on your site and the project as a whole. The entire process is speedy and designed to allow better access to information.

April 17th, 2017 by