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JoeOlujicJoe Olujic has enjoyed a long career serving in a number of leadership positions for a variety of organizations. Named one of Global Gaming Business Magazine’s 25 People to Watch in 2014, Mr. Olujic’s accomplishments in the gaming industry are as notable as they are vast. He has functioned as the chief operating officer and the chief executive officer for several different organizations, serving those organizations effectively while working to expand each company’s reach and improving its profitability in a significant manner.

Mr. Olujic’s experience is quite extensive, especially as it relates to the gaming industry. Beginning in 2001 with the Oneida Tribe of Indians, Mr. Olujic possesses a longevity that is not frequently seen in the gaming industry. A notoriously stressful and competitive endeavor, gaming professionals –- especially executives — must possess a great deal of confidence and have the wherewithal to endure the many difficult scenarios they encounter on a frequent basis.

The gaming industry has been undeniably beneficial to Mr. Olujic, and the industry itself has certainly benefited from his presence as well. An expert in team building and widely regarded as an exceptional leader, Mr. Olujic’s many skills are reflective of the length of time he has spent in the gaming industry. Over his many years in various positions within the industry, Mr. Olujic has been relied upon to lead difficult negotiations and to consistently engage in thorough strategic planning to ensure the continued success of several organizations in the present and well into the future.

As the COO of Osage Casinos, Mr. Olujic oversaw the significant expansion of the organization by overseeing the addition of two hotels to the organization’s seven casinos. He has also served as the CEO of the same organization and spent many years serving as the assistant general manager for the Oneida Tribe of Indians in Wisconsin, focusing most of his efforts on the financial side of the organization.

For all of his experience in positions of leadership, Mr. Olujic is perhaps best known for his skills in human resources. He has long been highly regarded for his ability to identify the ideal candidates to fill the most vitally important positions within an organization. Of the many strategies he has employed in this endeavor, perhaps his most notable strategy has to do with his willingness to seek out candidates who are comfortable in expressing a contrarian position. This particular character trait is something that Mr. Olujic targets in candidates so he knows that his potential future colleagues are going to be very likely to frequently speak their mind, especially on the most important of subjects. This has ensured that Mr. Olujic’s leadership decisions have benefited from the honest collaboration of those surrounding him.

In addition to his gaming industry experience, Mr. Olujic is also quite knowledgeable in both the hospitality industry and finance industry. Though his practical experience in each field relates to its application within the gaming industry, Mr. Olujic still possesses an expansive knowledge of both industries that further sets him apart from the typical executive.

Over his many years serving in a variety of leadership positions within the gaming industry, Mr. Olujic has demonstrated time and again the impressive qualities that have made him successful. Whether it is serving as chief executive officer, chief operating officer or general manager, Mr. Olujic’s experience in the gaming industry is exceptional and his track record of success beyond reproach.

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Joe Olujic

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April 21st, 2015 by Joe Olujic