Lee Trotman

As an expert in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing, Lee Trotman has always found his services to be in consistent demand. This is especially the case given Mr. Trotman’s longstanding history for delivering exceptional results through the marketing campaigns he has designed and implemented throughout the course of his over two decades of industry experience. Currently working with Natrol, Inc., as the director of digital marketing and e-commerce, Mr. Trotman has drawn on his extensive experience as a marketing executive to generate impressive outcomes for the company through his campaign strategies and through his efforts at streamlining the company’s varying digital processes.

Among his many accomplishments during his relatively brief time with Natrol, Inc., Mr. Trotman’s strategic vision has helped to generate $72 million in sales. Mr. Trotman accomplished this through the use of Amazon Media Group campaigns while also generating a 60 percent increase in sales through the use of loyalty website campaigns. While these efforts alone are deserving of significant praise, Mr. Trotman has accomplished a great deal more for Natrol, Inc., through his digital marketing efforts and his use of e-commerce platforms, as his efforts have resulted in increased sales across a variety of the company’s platforms.

Mr. Trotman’s success with Natrol, Inc., is surely the result of his extensive industry experience that has included a variety of leadership and management roles beginning over 20 years ago. Much of his time spent at Southern California Edison was in management positions, each with increasing responsibility. Each position has allowed Mr. Trotman to clearly exhibit his digital marketing acumen and his impressive abilities as it relates to e-commerce, and there has rarely been an instance in his professional career in which Mr. Trotman was not using only the most effective and most cutting edge of available strategies. In fact, it is often Mr. Trotman who is pushing the implementation of these new digital marketing practices, and the results of his insight are readily apparent in the bottom line of the companies for which he has worked. A strong work ethic and a drive for success benefited both himself and SCE and now Natrol, Inc.

Mr. Trotman, who earned his degree from California State University – Los Angeles, has relied on his extensive educational and professional background to establish himself as one of the most respected marketing executives in the industry. While a great deal of Mr. Trotman’s time is indeed committed to these professional efforts, he has consistently made time to work with charitable causes over the years. He is a frequent and outspoken supporter of veteran’s rights and is equally supportive of animal rights as well. Though his professional endeavors have not always enabled him to donate his time as often as he would like, he has always supported a variety of organizations through charitable donations when he is not able to volunteer his time.

July 1st, 2015 by Joe Olujic