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Michael John Mally Announces New Publication Revealing Artistic Influences: Michael John Mally has always maintained that his sole identity, whether personal or professional, is as an artist and nothing else, but this all-encompassing point of view was not developed without the influence of other artists. – by howtogetpregnant – Tags: art, michael john mally – http://beforeitsnews.com/press-releases/2016/04/michael-john-mally-announces-new-publication-revealing-artistic-influences-2944032.html

Michael J. Mally Self Portrait Review: Overall I love the composition and angle of the picture. Mally has done a wonderful job photographing himself. Michael J. Mally who also goes by Michael John Mally has recently released a self portrait of himself. Ian Leaf digs in with a quick review. – by Ian Leaf – Tags: art, artist, ian leaf, interview, michael j mally, michael john mally, michael mally, san diego – http://ianleaf.com/michael-j-mally-self-portrait-review/

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