Mo Howard

Ultegra Financial Partners has benefited significantly from the leadership of Muhammad Howard, a West Virginia University graduate with an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services. Mr. Howard, who is known to friends and colleagues as “Mo,” is the CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners, a company founded in 2012 with the goal of providing clients with a variety of financial services that include commercial lending, small business lending and business consulting, in addition to numerous other finance-related services.

College football enthusiasts may remember Mr. Howard as Mo Howard, West Virginia University football player. Mr. Howard is very proud of the fact that he was able to balance his academic life and athletic life so well, as he was able to graduate cum laude from the university despite his many academic and athletic demands. Of course, Mr. Howard’s studies were always a primary focus, and the idea for Ultegra Financial Services was partially shaped by the time he spent at WVU.

After earning the title of Mo Howard, West Virginia University graduate, Mr. Howard put his education to good use by entering the finance industry, demonstrating a clear desire to learn as much as possible while also putting the knowledge he gained while at WVU on display. Through his experience as VP of US Capital Partners and as a commercial lending associate at BB&T, Mr. Howard has been able to quickly establish Ultegra Financial Partners as one of the most respected names in the industry today.

Mo Howard, WVU graduate, was also instrumental in Ultegra Financial Partners making use of one of the most sophisticated web-based, client-centered platforms. Having over a decade of experience in the finance industry allowed Mr. Howard to be exposed to a number of excellent systems, and this exposure led to the development and use of the platform currently available through Ultegra. This has led the Denver-based company to be able to reach an incredibly broad client base from across the nation, and clients are able to benefit from the system’s ease of use and intuitive features.

Mr. Howard is a man of many skills, specializing in offering consulting services to startups as well as companies that are either struggling or thriving. In addition to his consulting acumen, Mr. Howard has experience as a commercial underwriter and in providing investment and lending solutions to businesses that range from small to middle market. Through his varied knowledge and experience, Mr. Howard has helped to make Ultegra Financial Partners an immediate success in the finance industry.

August 12th, 2015 by Joe Olujic