May 17th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Need money from your home.  Is a reverse mortgage something that will work for you?  It depends on you situation in life.  If you own your home and have little else to live on a reverse mortgage may be for you.  Basically you will receive a check from the lender monthlyuntitled (78) untitled (77) that will help you live.  The home is yours for as long as you live.  Upon your death the home goes to the lender or at least that portion that has been paid for.  Tim DeCapua has a reverse mortgage and can speak to the pros and cons. He thinks that this is the way to go for him but each person needs to do their home work.

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May 17th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (67) untitled (66)Getting that loan for home improvement can be a challenge.  If you have a need that requires a loan you will have to get an appraisal of the home to assure the lender that the loan is justified.  If you are upside down on the value of your home a home improvement loan will not happen.  You will have to seek a different kind of loan.  A personal loan will cost you and the interest will be higher.  If your income is high enough you can get a personal load.  The real question is do you really want to spend money on a home that is undervalued.  Jody Rookstool need to hunt for another option.

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May 8th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

There are many who view money management and investing as though it is simply too hard to ever completely understand or not even worth the time it takes to gain an understanding. Both of these statements are not even remotely true, as the application of sound financial strategies certainly does not require a keen understanding of the most recent developments regarding British politics as it relates to financial reform. All that is necessary is a small bit of research and an interest in optimizing the returns on your income.

While investment strategies are always changing, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can help you ensure that the money you earn today can ultimately help you have enough money saved up for retirement. If you are not all that familiar with developing a personalized investment strategy, there is certainly nothing wrong with enlisting the assistance of a professional or finding someone who is otherwise knowledgeable in finance.

You do not have to have be the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to understand that this country offers its citizens a great deal of wonderful opportunities, and one of the most obvious is the ability to adopt sound investment strategies that lead to the accumulation of long-term wealth.

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April 27th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Money isn’t everything?
That is what you are told as you grow from parents, and friends it doesn’t make you happy it will only make you greedy.  But isn’t it the dream of every human on earth to be able to buy or live the way some or others live  or eat or dress or drive sometime in their life time.  Do you ever ask yourself once what would it be like to go any place in the world for as long as you want and buy what ever you want with out worrying about feeding your family or dressing your family. To protect your family from evil or weather to keep the warm or cool them in the heat. JoeOlujic is an example of sound fiscal  policies.

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April 24th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Luigi_ Wewege_family_portraitThe world of finance is recognized as an incredibly competitive field. For those who are seeking jobs on Wall Street, the competition often begins with getting into the university that is most likely to lead to a position with one of the most in-demand financial firms. While this is the strategy of many aspiring finance professionals, a decorated resume and a cutthroat attitude is not necessary. The only thing that is necessary to enter the world of finance is the proper preparation.

Luigi Wewege, an expert in all matters relating to finance, has noted that many firms on Wall Street simply look for the applicants who have been most adequately prepared. The firms use a number of different measures to determine a candidate’s level of preparation, and credentials are not always the deciding factor.

While many aspiring financial professionals believe that earning a degree from one of the so-called “target schools” will yield the employment they are looking for, this is not always the case. In fact, there are many firms who seek out candidates who have a keen understanding of business evaluation and are able to construct a discounted cash flow model to determine whether or not investors would be wise to buy or sell.

The same is true for personal finance. It is best to have a thorough understanding of personal finance and to be prepared to make informed decisions based on all of the available information. While a financial adviser is certainly a valuable resource, being prepared to expertly discuss a variety of financial options is ultimately best.

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April 17th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

When it comes to matters of personal finance, it is easy to make choices based on what is best for the present while ignoring the future repercussions. This is the most common mistake people make with investments and borrowing, and it can lead to devastating financial consequences.

One of the clearest examples of this is the single percentage point. Most people think of that single percentage point as not making much difference, but over the course of 30 years a single percentage point can yield significant financial gains or losses. These seemingly minor details are incredibly important in personal finance, and people need to be much more cautious in the manner in which they make decisions, especially as they relate to the future. Just ask Adam Kutner, an experienced financial analyst who has been watching investments grow for 50 years.

Furthermore, diversification is the key to ensuring the long-term growth of an investment. There is nothing wrong with taking calculated risks with personal finance, but those risky investments should never be a “make-or-break” proposition. Proper risk diversification will prevent losses that are too great to overcome and will ensure that personal investments experience consistent growth over time.

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April 14th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

Sure, money isn’t everything if you have plenty but for most people money is always in short supply.   Reefs2Go on is a place to explore your lack of needed funds.  Lets face it, lack of money is the root of most problems. If thieves had money they would have no need to break the law.  So I ask the question, Got Money?  If not I would take a look finding a job.  Working can increase your bank account funds and self esteem.  If you have a job but still struggle to make ends meet… join the club.  Its never enough.  The more you make the more it takes.

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April 13th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

untitled (360) imagesQYKPYGHUIs the money you put in the bank safe? You keep hearing bad news about the economy and all the debt that we have that gold or silver is the way to go. There are other countries that are going bankrupt and that their currency is no good anymore. Is that the way we are headed? They say that it will be like the great depression but it will be bad because we have sold out to other countries to are for countries that do not want us or care but what the USA money so what is the answer? Bank money safe. no all they have to do is close the door and where are we again. They say that after the great depression, it would never happen again but who is it that say that the banks and why is there so many that come and go or get bought out from other larger banks. Consolidated Credit can help.

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April 10th, 2015 by Joe Olujic

OK, we all can agree that it is easy to lose money.  If losing is easy then why is gaining so difficult?  Finance can be difficult.  Firoz Patel is an investing genius.  If I could only be so lucky.  Or is luck really what I need?  I say no.  What you really need is money and the skill to invest properly.  That is easy said and your money could be gone in a flash.  So do you settle for no risk investments and hope for the best or assume the risk?  I cant tell you.  Only you can decide how much risk you can feel comfortable with. For Firoz Patel, any risk is worth taking if the reward is great enough.

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