January 27th, 2018 by Joe Olujic

If you’re a conscious homemaker or someone who has an eye for having a stylish home, it may seem like furniture have their life cycles. Shelves, couches, cabinets, and tables may appear to be pleasing to the eyes in the beginning, but over time will look drab and lose its magic.

A pleasant-looking interior will always be something coming home to. The wear and tear of furniture and decors may show through over years of use, and this may even go quicker than expected.

You may have those moments where you wish you can redesign your home by changing your furniture, but your budget seems small. According to JMD Furniture, there are some simple things you can do in order to update your home furnishings without having to spend too much.

If you are interested to learn more, read further about 5 useful tips to update the furniture in your home within a budget.

How to Update All The Furniture In Your Home Without Breaking the Bank


1. Changing the finish of your furniture

A simple touch up such as a change of finish can be something to update the look of your furniture at home. This can go well with wooden furnitures such as dining tables, foyer tables, or shelves. If you plan to change themes with your home, you can prefer to turn your furniture into having a different finish. For example, you can turn an old polished maple wood coffee table into a white, distressed shabby-chick table. This can be done by rubbing sandpaper over the surface of the table and applying small dabs of white paint. The only thing you spent to change the whole look of your furniture will be your time and some hardware materials.

2. Painting a different color

Another way to simply change the look of your home furnishings is through changing paint. If your kitchen looks dull with a dark brown color, you can update the look by painting your kitchen cabinets with a light green or orange paint. These colors are very lively and can help improve the overall look of your home. You don’t have to stick to a uniform color throughout your whole house. You can choose to assign a certain color theme per room, and that can be applicable to painting your furniture as well. Acrylic paint with a semigloss finish is ideal for wooden furniture, and enamel paint is good for glass and metal. Additionally, make sure to use paint primers to help the paint adhere well to your furniture.

3. Updating covers and cases

This is applicable to couches, loveseats, and chairs. If you feel like your couch looks old, a simple change of upholstery can be a budget-friendly way to change the look of your furniture. If upholstery seems too much, a simple change of buying new throw pillow or seat covers are also a cheap way to refresh the look of your furniture. Opt for covers that are stain resistant, so it won’t be too quick before you want to change them. A neutral but light colored cover such as light brown or gray is ideal for seat covers. Find textures that don’t easily absorb fluids and fumes so that your covers will remain smelling fresh.

4. Finding discounts and clearance sales in furniture stores

If you feel like your old furniture is already a lost cause, then it may be time to update them by buying new ones. As JMD Furniture suggests, always be on the lookout for discounts offered by furniture stores. You can also go to your local home depots to find clearance sales of items. Usually, clearance sales are found in the center aisles of the stores. Look for pieces worth-buying and inspect for any damages. Usually, some sales are because of minor damages on the items. Make sure that you are aware of these possible damages and you’re fine with purchasing your pieces despite that. Another thing to look into is sales done by personal owners. If you happen to spot a person who is doing a moving out the sale or a garage sale, you can also find quality pieces that are sold for a very low price.

5. Adding simple embellishments

Aside from polishing and painting your old furniture, another nice addition to update your old furniture are through embellishments. An old dresser table can be installed with vanity bulbs, which can also modernize the appearance of the furniture. You can add simple twine, rhinestones or floral stickers to your furniture to customize its look. These simple embellishments can add detail and even impress your visitors.

Updating your home furnishings need not be expensive. All it takes is a little creativity and wise spending to make your home as lovely as it once was.

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